Film and Audio Visual Production

This part is dedicated to the beginnings of Slovak movie making in Vojvodina. The improvement of movie amateurism is been elaborated after the year of 1945. Of course the professional part of Slovak movie making is not to be left out. In this part of professional movie production there were many Slovaks from Vojvodina who were part of the acting crew.

When it comes to history of movie production of Vojvodina Slovaks the prominent place belongs to the movie section of Matica slovenská back than in Yugoslavia. The first Slovak film maker in Vojvodina was the leader of the mentioned section, Emil Klobušický. Since the year of 1937 he filmed a series of short films which were a capture of people, actions, garbs from that age.

In a village called Pivnica he worked as a teacher. He has left there a deep mark when it comes to the quality level of the photo and film amateurism. In other Sovak villages the situation was visibly less productive.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Jozef Madar