In Serbia same as in Slovakia there are museums which gather and protect historical artefacts. Since the foundation of the first Slovak villages in Vojvodina, it has past more than two centuries. This time was long enough to formalize some specific characteristics of the folk, spiritual, material culture in a relation with the culture of the mother country.

Slovaks have brought with themselves elements of the spiritual culture like language, different traditions and customs. Also a number of particularities from the field of their material culture like folk garment, hand made objects, skills and many subejcts from the farming department.

Most of the mentioned subjects found their place in National museum in Báčsky Petrovec, in museum of Vojvodina and in the historical museum in Bratislava also in some private collections and ethno houses in many different Slovak towns.

These documents, science and research, methodical works indicate to specifics of the spiritual and material culture of Vojvodina's Slovaks which has evolved since the first arrival of Slovaks.


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National Museum in Bačsky Petrovec

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