Support of Children and Youth Cultural Activities

On this part of portal which is called support of children and youth cultural activities, there are three fields which are the main indicators of preservation and development of the culture which involves the youngest population of Vojvodina's Slovaks.

When it comes to Youth organizations or associations part of the portal, there are many informations about the oldest organizations of the young Slovaks in Serbia, about their goals and activities which they hold. Those organizations are Kancelária pre mladých (The office for the youngs) and Association of the youngs called E.Y.B.L. (Enable youth a better life) both from Báčsky Petrovec and Klub študujúcej mládeže (The club of study youth) from Kovačica.

In the part called Actions there are informations about the events and undertakings which are dedicated to the youth or children. Most of them are organized by adults, many different institutions, associations, the monthlies rewrite desks but also there are those which are organized by the youngs. It is important to mention that similar undertakings which have a local character are more often held, but in this part there will be mentioned only those which involve Slovak children and youth from all over Vojvodina and which have international character.

The part called newspapers enables more information about Slovak newspapers and magazines which are published in Serbia and are dedicated to teenagers and children. One of those are the magazine called Vzlet (the take off) and Slovak student magazine called Traf! And also the magazine of students literary work about the children literature called Čar(b)ológ.