Slovak Matica in Serbia

Slovak Matica in Serbia

When the Slovak gymnasium and other cultural institutions were already founded on the National celebration which was held on September the 21st and 22nd in 1920 the topics about Slovak Matica and museum foundation took place. But because it was the time of war, it was not possible to continue and bring the idea to life about the Slovak institution, which would be property of all Slovaks.

Dr. Ján Bulík was one of the iniciators who saw the need for this kind of institution. With that aim he convened an Advirsory Committee later he established articles and did all the preparation for the General Assembly.

The interest for the Slovak Matica foundation was noticeable by the number of the founding members of General Assembly which was 132 and there was 360 regular members.

The foundation was realized in August 14th and 15th in the year of 1932 on the courtyard of the Slovak gymnasium. The assembly has began with a intercession of the Advisory Committee president Dr. Ján Bulík who presented the program for Matica. In his speech he underlined the fact that Slovaks as minority can not prosper in a numerical sense but they certainly can stand out in a quality sense.

Dr. Ján Bulík was chosen as the president of the Slovak Matica and Dr. Ján Kvačala as the honorable president. The residence which was chosen for Matica was Báčsky Petrovec and it is ever since. The Matica's work was not continuous due to many different reasons. It lasted for twelve years and than in the years of 1932 until 1941 and after the liberation from fascism it was active since 1945 until 1948.

After few decades of stagnation the starting initiative for restoration appeared in December 29th in the year of 1989 when the meeting of advanced presidium of VHV amateur theater scene was held in Petrovec. There were few more initiatives for reviving this institution but the final was held on July the 30th in 1990.

The spectacular mass meeting renewal of Slovak Matica was on August the 5th in 1990 in Petrovec. Since than a new tradition of Matica is being built. It was founded as nonpolitical institution for the whole Slovak nation which goal is to direct the entire national life. There were founded commissions and sections for sport and education.

Nowadays Slovak Matica has 29 city departments which has start praiseworthy cultural and national work. The president of the Slovak Matica is Katarína Melegová Melichová.

Slovak Matica has resumed in the year of 1992 the Biggest manifestation of Vojvodina's Slovaks called the Slovak national celebration.

Annamária Boldocká

Prevzaté z textov z monografie Petrovec 1745-1995, text Andreja Labátha, a zo zborníka Desať rokov činnosti obnovenej Matice slovenskej v Juhoslávii, ktoré zostavil Samuel Boldocký