Cultural Heritage

Cultural heritage presents a unique and irreplaceable cultural value of one nation. Since it has been created by several generations, it is a direct indicator of the social as well as complete educational, cultural and civilizational level of development.

Value of cultural heritage, whether we are talking about material or immaterial one, is steadily growing due to the naturally determined life spam and also to the instable environment regarding the development of new technologies and the change of style and way of living. Therefore, taking care of cultural heritage in the 21st century is not only a declarative obligation of the institutions in charge but also a moral obligation of the society as entity. By recognizing the importance of culture, the society creates the ground for its future preservation.

Preservation of the cultural heritage of minority communities is as unique as the whole minority issue. On one hand, the community is supported by the mother country in which it originated and on the other hand it is supported by the country in which the cultural heritage has been created and preserved.

Still, the most important role in the preservation of the cultural heritage of a minority have the members of the community themselves because, although with very limited capacities, they have the right and obligation to create mechanisms for preservation and improvement of the cultural heritage as well as to direct the attention of the national strategies (the country they live in and their mother country), to the true values and cultural heritage.

The cultural heritage of Vojvodina Slovaks, with all its uniqueness and individuality, is a part of a multicultural region of Vojvodina municipality and, as such, it is constanly overlaping with all the cultures coexisting in this area. Its preservation, as well as the preservation and development of all the cultures which have existed here for centuries will be the indicator that we have managed to create a society which on one hand respects the differences, supports cultural diversity and recognizes it as a great value of the region, and on the other hand it aspires to a higher human and moral values which increase the quality of every cinizen’s daily life.


Milina Sklabinská