Folk and sacral architecture is a part of material cultural heritage of Vojvodina’s Slovaks. The folk architecture of Slovaks living in Vojvodina is specific and it differs depending of the territory where it is built, like Banát, Báčka and Sriem. Those specifics were established under the effect of other nationalities living on the same territory or by the influence of natural factors. But the old houses of Vojvodina’s Slovaks which consist of the front, back room and a special lobby called “Pitvor”, are very similar to the houses of Pannonia which have been built in the southern part of Slovakia.

Sacral architecture or the cathedrals of Slovak evangelistic churches in Serbia have their characteristics like the quadrangular shape, simplicity and furtiveness. The most meaningful contribution in the field of architecture had Milan Michal Harminc from Kulpín.

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Photo: Mariena Martišová and Tatjana Medveďová