Culture in Media

In our media, whether the regional or the local ones, culture has a special place and we are treating it in a special way. A journalist in our media doesn’t have an easy task. When talking about culture-be careful! This refers to the culture of minorities which is torn. On one side it is mainly an amateur type and on the other side we have great elitist masterpieces which are on the highest European level signed by professionals.

According to that, culture is being observed and informed by a journalist. In our society, a journalist must be in the middle of all the globally intertwined events. At the same time he has to write about the minority and for the minority. They have to be equally affirmative as the diligent amateurs in the smallest villages as well as critical if the events have  reached the bottom of good taste.

If they can not be the first to bring, the so called exclusive news, at least they are doing their best to resonante. Informing about our culture consists of many branches, one of them is censorship. They also try to be true to themselves, to us the way we are – although we are talking about populist contents and forms. Our journalists write in a chronologycal way  and  they researche the ranking of "our thing" on the cultural scene of Vojvodina, Serbia, Central Europe and the world.

                                                                                                                                                                             Annamária Boldocká Grbićová