The beginning of the Slovak printing in Serbia is rooted in the year of 1864 when the magazines called Zornička and Slávik were published. But the printing movement brisk up and started to be organized in the year of 1919, when the print house called Kultúra was founded in Bačsky Petrovec. Every Slovak book, magazine or newspaper originated from this publushing house. In the year 2005, Neografia from a town called Martin from Slovak Republic privatized the publishing house Kultúra. But despite that change, it is still continuing to fulfill the main function which is cultural.

In the year of 1944 the press - editorial establishment Hlas ľudu was formed which conjoined with the print house Kultúra in the year of 1952. Thats how the press - editorial - printing firm Hlas ľudu has arisen. Since the year 1967 its resident is in Nový Sad in the building of the daily newspaper called Dnevnik (The Avenue of liberty 81/V). Hlas ľudu exists like a self-existent subject since the year of 1989. It was the time when the publishing work (Tvorba) and secondly the press (Hlas ľudu) was detached from the working constitution called Obzor.

Karol Miloslav Lehotský


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January the 1st in the year of 2007 due to the disaffiliation of the stock company Kultúra in Bačsky Petrovec, the Slovak publishing center arose. This publishing center is producing Slovak books in few editions and inter alia it is responsible for publishing magazines, monthly and journals which are a part of the Vojvodina Slovaks culture.

The goal of this column is to present and also provide our visitors publishing activity and establishments of the Slovaks in Vojvodina. This part of portal will inform you about Slovak publishing center, his editions and publications. Also we bring you informations about press – publishing establishment called Hlas ľudu. In the part named New editions, you will be able to find reviews of the newest publications which authors are Slovaks living in Vojvodina. If you like to read and write reviews on a book which has been writen by a Slovak author, we will be pleased to publish it.

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