Meaningful component of the cultural heritage of Vojvodina’s Slovaks are galleries in which there have been collections of painting and sculptures and other art work made by authors from Serbia.

The oldest institution of that kind is the gallery of naive art in Kovačica which was called the Gallery of folk artists and it was founded in the year of 1955, in that time it was settled in the courthouse called Dom kultúry 3. októbra. It is believed that it was the first gallery in a small town back than still in Yugoslavia.

In Kovačica the naive painters who are world famous actuate their works. On the other hand in Báčsky Petrovec the work of academically educated artists is expanding. Because of that reason the galleries which are founded in Báčsky Petrovec are called by the names of first Slovak academic painters in Serbia: Gallery of Karol Miloslav Lehotský and Gallery Zuzka Medveďová. This gallery holds the most meaningful art event of Vojvodina’s Slovaks called The exposition of the Slovak contemporary work in Serbia.

About these and many more private galleries you can be informed by clicking on the names of the galleries which are installed on the left side of the portal.

Photo: Anna Snidová