Cultural Tourism

Cultural tourism is a relatively new discipline in the field of cultural management. The main purpose is to motivate people to travel and by that to get to know more about  local cultural values. That is done with a particular reason to enrich understandings and to have a bigger respect for those local cultures.

The meaning of cultural tourism is defined in many ways. For example, from the economical standpoint the cultural tourism means putting cultural and artistic articles on a market, which automatically gain not only cultural but also an economical value. From the organizational point of view it determines circuit of many sectors by which the cultural industry emerges. The  cultural industry has the fastest expand on the world market.

Detský folklórny festival Zlatá brána

Photo: Elena Šranková

From the tourismology viewpoint the cultural tourism means the tourists interest prompted by cultural considerations. On the other hand from the aspect of culturology firstly it is the presentation of the cultural heritage as much as the presentation of the contemporary cultural production.


Na jarmoku

Photo: ÚKVS

From the educational perspective this kind of traveling is a new possibility for research and acquaint with the new knowledge about national and local cultural values of the concrete surroundings. That’s the exact reason why there are many seminars included in touristic offers. When it comes to marketing aspect, cultural tourism is a definition of town’s image and its social position.

Baby exit na Petrovaradínskej pevnosti

Photo: ÚKVS


When all aspects and point of views are accounted, the result shows that the cultural tourism includes cultural offer of that kind which consists many attractive cultural and artistic contents of everyday local terrain, customs, festivals and presentations. Also it involves those which interrelate with the promotion of cultural remains and everything else which makes the particular town so unique.

Bienále slovenských výtvarníkov v Srbsku

The main challenge of the cultural tourism is finding ways to revive and activate the cultural potentials of the local environment. Questions which are supposed to be asked with the purpose of development in the cultural field of Vojvodina’s Slovaks and Slovaks from the lowland are the ways which can improve the cultural potentials and its specifics which are interesting for the public.

Festival populárnej hudby v Selenči

Photo: Željko Madić

On this portal we want to affirm every action and environs which are already using the potentials of Slovak cultural tourism. This way we want to suggest other organizers and managers who dwell on Slovak culture, to join forces and try to find the most original, interesting and alluring way of Slovak culture developing.


Milina Sklabinská

Vesna Đukić Dojčinović, Kulturni turizam, Clio, 2005