The most valuable archived material from Vojvodina is processed and stored in the Archive of Vojvodina which was founded in the year of 1926. By time this institution was many times edangered and resisted the unfavourable conditions, this archive contains over 50 thousand boxes with over 20 thousand official books and over thousand maps and plans which protect the historical material from the land of Vojvodina since the 17th Century until today.

Proofs of the Slovaks arrival into Vojvodina are settled in the Archive and in its regional affiliated branches which are in Zreňanin, Sremska Mitrovica, Pančevo, etc. In the Vojvodina’s archive there is preseved a copy of contract which is also a document about the Slovaks arrival into the southern Austro Hungary in the year of 1745. First documents which are coherent with the Slovaks arrival to the land of Vojvodina are a proof of the persistence and insistation of Slovaks who wanted to have evangelistic priests and organized evangelistic life.

There are many documents which are witnessing about the beginnings of the cultural life of Slovaks in the new land. Materials about Slovaks are integratted in the general archive material of the Vojvodina’s archive. Theese materials are adequately preserved and protected and they are available for further research activity.