Developmental-Research Unit 

Developmental-Research Unit

Developmental-Research Unit conducts scientific research into the lives of minorities and culture and art of the Slovak community in AP Vojvodina. Also, it studies and analyses the network of institutions, organizations and societies of Slovaks in Vojvodina as well as their needs and way of living.

It studies regulatory provisions for the minority culture. Moreover, it analyses the fiscal policy and the economics of culture as well as their sources of finances (public financing, donations, sponsorship, etc.).

This unit draws up projects for developmental and applied research in the fields of culture and arts. It also conducts general studies and analysis and monitors problems and effects of law enforcement in culture. It draws up projects for planning and further cultural development.

It proposes different cultural models for transition process as well as financial instruments and standards in certain cultural and artistic functions with the purpose of culture decentralization.

Developmental-Research Unit is engaged in education and specialization of the employees in different fields of culture and arts. It also organizes scientific meetings, symposiums, counseling, seminars, debates, lectures and so on.