Brand mark for CIVS was developed by the designer Andrea Mernikova whose design won the contest in 2008. She was inspired by the diversity of themes dominating on the Slovak folk costumes, handicrafts, painted plates and other creations of Slovak national culture.

The motif on the symbol does not exist as a separate Slovak ornament. It is fictitious and it symbolizes modern Slovak culture which consists of correspondence between old and new, tradition and modern age. The logo looks like a flower with four petals. Three show the areas in Vojvodina (Banat, Bačka and Srem) and fourth petal, which can also be a part of each of the first three, symbolizes the Slovak community living in Vojvodina. Drawn in shades of blue, which is considered for the traditional color of Slovaks in Vojvodina. The letters are simple due to the composition of the symbol, so it does not interfere with it.

The use of the CIVS logo is welcomed in such cultural products in which creation, CIVS as institution, actively participated. In this sense, this logo can be used in publications, promotional materials and online editions, but before it is necessary to obtain the CIVS agreement. Without the consent approval of CIVS the logo can not be used for mentioned purposes.

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