The Competition of the Slovak theatre ensemles called Divadelný vavrín


March - April


Báčsky Petrovec, Stará Pazova, Kovačica

Vojlovickí divadelníci na scéne
Fotografiu poskytol Michal Spišiak


The competition of the theatrical ensembles is held yearly with a goal to represent and confront artistic results which have been acoplished in the past theatrical season. It is one of the most meaningfull festival when it comes to Slovak amateur theatre in Serbia. It is regional and it is held yearly.

The first competition was in Báčsky Petrovec in the Theatre VHV in the year 1970, where the next four competitons were held also. Nowadays it is being held alternately in Báčsky Petrovec,Stará Pazova and Kovačica or in some other Slovak village. Since the year 2010 the competition is called Divadelný vavrín.



Theatre VHV