Theatre festival DIDA ( Theatrical inscenations of the Slovaks from Hungary, Romania and Serbia)


March - April



Staropazovskí divadelníci zahrali Zberné stredisko autora Sinišu Kovačevića
Foto: Ivan Hríb


The theatrical festival DIDA started to be held of course of the manifestation called DNI JANKA ČEMANA in the year of 1995.That was the time when the theatre of amateurs Janko Čeman started organizing this festival. Their intention was to renew the theatrical activity in the village called Pivnica and in the same time to retrieve the theatrical interest of the Slovak villages habitants, and to preserve the memory of Janko Čeman the native of Pivnica and Slovak prosaist and dramatist to abet the primal Slovak dramatic work.

With time the goals became more serious. DIDA became a Vojvodina theatrical festival which goes far beyond state borders. Every festival is signated with concomitant activities which are retrospective, informative, promotive, educational etc. The festival is traditionaly organized in the last weekend of March and the first weekend in April.



The amateur theatre Janka Čemana, Pivnica