Víťazoslav Hronec

the poet, prosaist, literary critique and redactor
Víťazoslav Hronec
( 7. August 1944 )

V. A. Hronec (Víťazoslav Hronec) was born in August 7, 1944 in Pivnice. He attended elementary school in Boljevci, (1951-1953), in Pivnice (1953-1956), in Bajša (1954) and Bački Petrovac (1956-1959). He finished high school in Bački Petrovac (1959-1960) and in Zemun (1960-1963). He studied in The faculty of medicine of University of Belgrade (1963-1969), but after absolving five years he gave up study. During university study he worked as a redactor in Belgrade professional magazine “Medicinski podmladak” (1966-1969). Since the year 1970 he worked in publishing company “Obzor” (in the years 1990-1994 “Obzor-Tvorba”) in Novi Sad, where he at first worked as a journalist in weekly newspaper Hlas ľudu (Voice of People), later as a redactor of book editions (1972-1981, 1990-1993) and a chief redactor of the monthly magazine for literature and culture Nový život (New Life) (1982-1989). In 7th and 8th decade of the last century he was a member in the redaction of the Edition “Kairos” in the publishing company “Ćirpanov” and a of the Edition “Stražilovo” in the same publishing company, as well as a member of the redaction of Serbian literary magazine “Polja” in Novi Sad.

Since the year 1993 works as a chief redactor of book editions in the publishing company “Kultúra” in Bački Petrovac and he worked there also as a chief redactor of the magazine Nový život (1998-2004). He composed four yearly issues of Národny kalendár (Peoples Calendar) (1992-1994, 1996) and he was its redactor also in the years 1979-1984, 1995, 1997, and 2001-2007. In the year 2000 he was a member of the redaction of the last volume (16-18) of the Vojvodina Slovakists association collection. He is a member of the Association of writers of Vojvodina (since the year 1971) and was its president in the years 1981-1982. He is also a member of the Association of Slovak writers in Bratislava.

He published these books of verses: Stars, coast (1969), Salt, but sand (1971), Salt, but sand (1972, into Serbian language translated by Michal Harpáň), Between two fires (1977, together with the cycle Zodiac by Miroslav Demák), Hour of ride – Egyórás portya (1977, into Hungarian language translated by Alexander Rončák), Border (I) – Border (I), (1979, into Serbian language translated by Branislava Romová), Border (1981), Islands, selection (1982), Coffee grinder (1984, into Serbian language translated by author), Angle of advance (1987), Oţelul public (1988, into Romanian language translated by Ondrej Štefanko), Allotment on an apple, selection (Bratislava, 1990), Models of symmetry, selection (1990, into Serbian language translated by Michal Harpáň, Branka Romová and author), Telemachia, bibliophilia (1994), Inclined plane (1996, written in Serbian language), Almagest (1999), Empty middle (Nădlac, 2000) and Rug (Nădlac, 2002, into Romanian language translated by Ondrej Štefanko). He published also two books of stories and one novel, nine books od essays, critiques and dairy notes and four bibliographies.

He composed also six anthologies of local Slovak poetry: Poetry of Vojvodina Slovaks (1974), Word on leather (1975), Mélyföld (1981), Common eye (1985), Simultaneously (1990), and Anthology of Slovak Vojvodina’s poetry (2005), also two anthologies of global Slovak poetry: Seven Slovak surrealists (1981) and Anthology of Slovak poetry of 20th century (1986). His prosaic books were translated into Serbian and Russian languages. He translates predominantly poetry and is occupied also with editorial work. About his poetry Dr. Adam Svetlík wrote the book Poetics of enjambment (1997).

He is five times winner of the magazine Nový život Prize (1966, 1978, 1986, 1989, 2005), a winner of the publishing company “Stražilovo” Prize (1976), the October prize of Novi Sad (1976), the Prize of self-management interest society of culture of Vojvodina (1987), the Prize of publishing company “Obzor” (1992), the Premium of Association of organizations of Slovakia writers (1994), the Prize of Vojvodina Slovakists association (1994), the Prize Paľo Bohuš (2002), the Prize of “Iskra kulture” (2003), the Prize of the minister of culture of Slovak Republic (2004) and the Silver plaque of the Ministry of foreign affairs of Slovakia (2005).  

Víťazoslav Hronec, translation: Andrew Ušjak