National council of the Slovak national minority

Slovak National Council is a legal entity founded in 2003. The main purpose of the Council is monitoring and improving Slovak minority rights as well as the quality of exercising the rights in the fields of education, culture, public information and the official use of the Slovak spoken and written language.


* It supports and develops contacts of Slovak minority in Serbia by building partnerships and healthy cooperation with institutions which deals with the issues of Slovaks abroad, not only in the region but also in the mother country.

* Enhances working potentials of Slovak minority by organizing specialization programs in Slovakia for teachers; provide scholarships for youth talents in Báčsky Petrovec and Kovačica and college students of deficient work profiles. Education of young actors is being made also for the choreographers and journalists within the "Žurškola" program.

* National council of the Slovak national minority has founded the newspaper publishing institution "Hlas ľudu" as well as the Slovak publishing agency "Slovenské tlačené slovo".

* It has been either a coorganiser or the patron of numerous cultural events, such as the folk dancing festivals, festivals of folk music, Slovak amateur theatres parade, exhibitions, etc.

* It is constantly working on preserving partnerships and active cooperation with the representatives of various international organizations.



Being a legal, legitimate representative institution of Slovak minority in Serbia as well as an institution of the minority self-government in the field of cultural autonomy, it advocate sustainability of the previously acquired rights and collective rights. The goal is to enable effective participation of the minority in public affairs significant for preservation of individuality as well as to increase rights of Slovak minority in the fields of culture, information, education and official use of the spoken and written language.


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