And the song flies and flies


The festival of Slovak music production for children And the song flies and flies





Záber z Festivalu Letí pieseň, letí
Photo: Alžbeta Babková


The main aim of this festival is to incite the music production of different genres in the field of vocal and instrumental music for children, also the publication and discovery of the existing literature in Slovak language.

The first time when this festival was held was on the iniciative of Pavel Tomáš in the year of 1991 and in the begining it was only local manifestation. Later on, it gain a regional importance on wchich, nowadays many children are participating from all over Vojvodina. The children music festival is held in Novemberon the scene of the courthouse called 3. októbra in Kovačica.

The performers soloists are escorted by a children's choir and an orchestra. The symposium evaluates both text and composition. On this music festival not only singers are those who compete also the music composers are contesting for a prize.



Courthouse 3. októbra in Kovačica, elementary school Mladých pokolení in Kovačica and RTV Vojvodina

Interpréti s víťazkoufestivalu Letí pieseň, letí 2008 Michaelou Čiliakovou v strede
Photo: Alžbeta Babková