The golden key


The festival of Sovak popular music called The golden key





Mária Turanská spieva pieseň Narodeniny autorky Miliny Sklabinskej, Zlatý kľúč 2006
Photo: Anna Francistyová


The Festival of Slovak popular music called The golden key gathers many musicians, composers and text writers with a goal to motivate new music production in the Slovak language and to popularize it, in its best meaning.

Festival is founded in the year of 1970 and since then there have been produced more than 700 new Slovak songs.

Nowadays this festival is doing its best to be the motive force of the brainware of the Slovaks in Serbia, and it is supported by the Cultural institutions and media, which contribute to its visualization.



The association of the culture keeping, traditions and arts Selenča

Jana Vukovićová, nositeľka ceny za interpretáciu, spieva víťaznú skladbu Miliny Sklabinskej Zmysel dýchať v roku 2007